by Finding Common Ground

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released September 16, 2016

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Finding Common Ground

Engineered/Mixed by Alex Scott at Red Wall Audio in Westminster, CO

Mastered by Kris Crummet at Interlace Audio in Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Finding Common Ground Denver, Colorado

Four-piece band from Denver, CO. Honest, progressive pop punk.

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Track Name: Topsoil
I stepped out into a fading dream. Fog of breath kept pace with steps, our eyes glued to the concrete. Face to face with a greyscale mentality, I'm to blame for this lack of natural light it seems. I can't stay here, mired in the could've been. Stumbling through graveyards of expectations. Spent a fucking lifetime waiting for a lifeline, tell me things will be fine one more time again. Staring down my hindsight like a kid whose got something to miss. Oh, I think it's getting harder to express myself. Left pieces of me with the books up on the shelf. Ran away recklessly. Cut to summer, saw the leaves grow. Stopped watching from the window. Learned to coexist with dissonance, let the light back in. Guess I found the motivation to get out of the rut I'm in.
Track Name: Cardboard Homes
I've been having existential crises on the highway daily. Someone tell me how to get the tires straight. Well it came down to this again. There used to be a sense of permanence to the corner I was in. But the pressure changed so suddenly, and the skyline watched indifferently. Looks like I'm in for one hell of a week. I've lost and found home more times than I can count. Scraping everything I own into cardboard homes. The holes in the drywall patched with dreams and memories left inside these halls. I'm left thinking of sidewalks freezing, forcing cracks into this tired college scene, still all I can see is the back porch covered in cigarettes. Fading paint showing the time that's passed. Can't take it back, it'll never last. Just hedge your bets, hope for the best.

Just hedge your bets, hope for the best.
Track Name: Years Ago
Nostalgia filling the passenger seat. Eastlake in the rearview mirror. As we all grow older, as hindsight gets longer, I'll swallow my pride. I'll try to take this all in stride. These are notes from days when even having wings couldn't stop the feeling of falling. These are notes from days when even having wings couldn't keep me from falling down. I kept your note until this crossroad. But you just went home. You never even looked back, no. And I can hear echoes of a former life before it rusted with the street signs that you left behind. But I'm feeling fine. I'm feeling fine. I. Feel. Fine.